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  • Tire-moé dessus

    Posté le 26 octobre 2013
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    Pour tester la veste pare-balles qu'il a fait venir des Internets, il demande à son coloc de lui tirer dessus pour la tester.
  • Dead Drunk

    Posté le 26 octobre 2013
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    A day in the life of the two members of GaboomFilms, and Kevin is Dead Drunk.

    We just got a new zoom h4n, so we wanted to test out the sound quality, so we made this!

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  • How does Reverse Psychology work?

    Posté le 26 octobre 2013
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    Whatever you do, DON'T share this video and DON'T like it either.
    Have you ever wondered how reverse psychology works? Well this is what happens when two great minds put their ideas together to show a situation you might be in one day... or not :D.

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  • Thunder Fist

    Posté le 26 octobre 2013
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    Please leave us comments on what you think of our superhero!
    Marvel is adding a NEW superhero to their collection. His name is Thunder Fist! If you see him coming to a town near you, you might want to run... You might see that he is not all that helpful. He might be clumsy, but his intentions are pure! Watch this to see a typical day in the life of our hero THUNDER FIST!
    He is a loving character and you will probably get struck by his kindness and you will automatically share this video to all of your friends.
    We worked hard to bring this to you on time, might call this a Halloween special.

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  • The Keys of Anger Management

    Posté le 14 octobre 2013
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    Don't KEYp your anger inside of yourself.

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